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Sheet Metal Folding

At Stevens Rowsell we use 3 Trumpf Trumabend V-Series Press Brake Folders for forming laser cut blanks into your products.

Our machines all work on the same principle whereby a work piece is placed in between a punch (top tool) and a ‘V’- shaped die on a raised bed (bottom tool). The punch is hydraulically forced down pressing the work piece into the die and thus producing a fold. The dimensions of the punch and die will determine the angle and geometry of the resultant fold.

All parts are dimensionally checked for conformance to the customers design and drawing at first off stage prior to main production runs.

We have a wide range of tooling enabling us to form numerous different geometrics, accompanied by pressure-mark-free processing without refinishing.

We also have the ability and technology to produce some of our own bespoke forming tools for the forming operation and these would be designed on our customer’s requirements for their products.

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