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Bead (Sand) blasting

Abrasive blasting is the operation of propelling a stream of abrasive material using compressed air to smooth and remove surface deposits without damaging the component.

The blasting process smooths and cleans the surface of rust, weld marks, oils and dirt etc, to leave a uniform surface ready for painting if required. The process is carried out in self-contained units with fully trained operators. We only use non hazardous abrasives in our blast rooms.

Quality Assurance

At Stevens Rowsell we offer a contamination free blasting service. We have independent self-contained units set up specifically for Ferrous and Non Ferrous products. Keeping the Non Ferrous components separate allows us to guarantee no cross contamination in the media or the final product.

Media We Use

We have a wide variety of media available, our two primary forms of media for our blasting services, both of which are non-hazardous are:

Glass Bead Media

Garnet Media

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