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Powder Coating

We work with our clients every step of the way, from concept to creation, paying attention to every part of the process with our expertise and passion for what we do.

For metal finishing, our powder coating service allows us to coat anything that is up to four metres long in any colour and texture of the customer’s choosing. The process involves three clear steps that are all conducted by hand to ensure quality and attention to detail.

The first part of the process is preparation; this is where we painstakingly ensure that the item being coated is spotless – all oil, dirt, lubrication, or oxides have to be removed to guarantee a clean, smooth finish. The reason we do this by hand is because we believe a thorough, manual cleaning is the best way to ensure that the item to be coated in powder is ready.

The second stage is the powder application process. The powder is applied electrostatically through a spray gun. The charged powder is sprayed towards the component with compressed air and then accelerated towards the product by the electrostatic charge. The processes we use ensure complete coverage and produce a high-quality finish.

The final stage is curing, the components are now baked in our ovens which allows the powder to flow and form a skin, we maintain the coated item at a consistent temperature to ensure the properties of the paint type used are maintained and set correctly. When cooled, the powder forms a durable finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

Powder Coating Paint Types

We use all five major types of powder and stock a full range of all colours, including Pantone. Each type of powder has different properties and it suitable for different items, which we are happy to advise on:

Batch Powder Coating & Painting

We have recently invested in an automatic spray line that allows us to complete batch projects of powder coating 3 times faster than before, whilst maintaining our high quality finish. The process is similar to our traditional method, with components hung on a conveyer belt that enables us to hand spray as the coated results are automatically moved through to bake and cure.

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