Originally founded in 1965

Sheetmetal and Metalwork Assembly

Stevens Rowsell (Precision) Sheet Metal offers a total manufacturing solution (or a one stop shop) with regards to assemblies. We will project manage your projects from initial receipt of order or enquiry, through manufacturing and if required assemble to our agreed standard and your design. Products would be serialised and can be delivered to point of sales under an agreement.

We can offer to manage the product including any sub contract work outside of our scope to provide you with the product as you expect and required to your standards.

Assembly techniques are supported with aid of a number of various automatic and semi automatic machines for the installation of fixings, pop rivet, vibration proof fastenings and press forming of joints etc.

All our factory operatives have been fully trained on every item of assembly plant. This enables our staff to take ownership and pride in the products and ensures the maintenance of a skilled and competent workforce giving greater flexibility to our resource planning and improved on time delivery performance.

Stevens Rowsell also offer on stainless steel products, glass bead finishing carried out in bespoke area and therefore eliminating contamination of the media for finishing of stainless steel products and welded assemblies.

Stevens Rowsell Sheet Metal

Our Many Services include:

Fully Assembled

Assemblies tested and serialised for call off for point of sale scenarios.

Fastener Insertion

We carryout all kinds of threaded inserts / standoffs / serrated clinch spigot bushes / studs and nuts.

Tog Locking

Tog Loc forms a strong interlocking joint between thin gauge sheet metal parts, by a simple press operation. Fast, economical and consistent, joins plain, coated, and dissimilar metals.

  • No rivets, screws or other fasteners - Reduces cost!
  • Eliminates spot welding operations.
  • Joins in a single press stroke.
  • Strong and highly fatigue resistant.
  • Leak proof joints.

Welded Assemblies

Stevens Rowsell has the skill set and capability to MIG and TIG weld. Our welders are coded and have a wealth of experience in this field. Some of the many areas of expertise is Ultra High Vacuum welding and high specification bespoke project orientated Stainless Steel tubular work for the Catering Equipment environment.

See our welding page for more details.

Final Packing of Product

We will source the packing for and fully pack your assembly ready to be put on your customers shelves. This includes sourcing printed boxes with product specific graphics.