Originally founded in 1965

Precision Laser Cutting

We operate up to date technologically advanced Trumpf Laser Machines providing us with an efficient, high speed and cost effective form of profiling sheet metal which ensures that the work we produce is competitively priced, of high quality oxide free finish. The features and benefits to our customers are thus:-

  • High speed cutting with Nitrogen - gives clean edges, no oxide and limited discolouration and therefore
    a more visually aesthetic finish
  • Auto Height Sensing - No material marking
  • Positioning and dimension accuracy of 0.05mm
  • Parts can be marked for identification purposes
  • Advanced Process Control (APC) - Guarantees process reliability in piercing and cutting by automatically determining the exact sheet position on the laser bed and thus regulating the distance between the cutting nozzle and the work piece. This helps to produce a better cutting result regardless of the sheets unevenness and also eliminates the need to manually reposition the sheet.
  • Latest generation software - Automatically nests different part profiles from different jobs on the same sheet which helps us to maximise sheet utilisation & reduce wasted material as well as cutting more than one specific job at the same time. This software coupled with the laser technology we employ helps us offer highly competitive pricing and a genuine value for money metal cutting option.
  • Intelligent planning - the software also reports back to our business system helping keep our production scheduling accurate and our delivery dates on time.
  • Customised automation - We have a fully automated laser cell incorporating two 8m tall sheet metal storage towers with 50 individual storage stations and an automatic sheet changer. The system fully automates the loading and unloading operations transporting raw material sheet to the bed of the laser.


    The loading device enables seamless and constant handling even when heavy sheets are involved, doing away with the need for manual handling and cranes to perform the operation. Material loading, production and parts unloading therefore all take place simultaneously, eliminating downtime, increasing capacity and reducing delivery lead times.

  • Stainless Steel - up to 15mm
  • Mild Steel - up to 20mm
  • Aluminium - up to 10mm
  • Brass - up to 5mm

Making light work of a precise cut through steel