Originally founded in 1965

Plant List

Trumpf TruLaser 3030 4kw with full automation and two 8m high Material Storage Towers

Max material thickness;

  • 25mm Mild Steel,
  • 15mm Stainless Steel,
  • 10mm Aluminium

Working range 3000mm x 1500mm
Loading and unloading with Sheet master
Tower system comprising 50 storage bays

Trumpf Trupunch 2020 with full automation

Max material thickness;

  • 4mm Mild Steel,
  • 3mm Stainless Steel,
  • 6.4mm Aluminium

Working Range 2540mm x 1270mm.
Loading and unloading with Sheet master
Function Multi toll & patting
5 & 10 station multi tools
180kN max punching tonnage
150kg max work piece weight
Max speed x-/y axis simultaneous 108 m/min

Trumpf V130 8-Axis Press Brake

Capacity 3060 mm bed length x 130 tonnes.
3D Graphic Control and Programming.
CNC Bed crowning.
Incremental beam measuring system with deflection compensation.
ACB bend angle measurement

Trumpf V130 7-Axis Press Brakes

Capacity 3060 mm bed length x 130 tonnes.
3D Graphic Control and Programming.
CNC Bed crowning.
Incremental beam measuring system with deflection compensation.
ACB bend angle measurement

Trumpf 7036

Metal Working Plant

Haeger Hydraulic Insert Press

Used for the installation of self-clinch and riveting type fasteners, studs, rivet bushes, stand-offs etc.

Haeger Automatic Hydraulic Rivet Bush Inserting Presses (2 No.)

For automatic feeding and high-speed installation of rivet bushes, self clinch studs etc.

Tog L-loc© Jointing Machine

A joining system for plain, painted or coated sheet metal parts without the need for fasteners or welding.

Amada CS-220 Hydraulic Corner Shear / Notcher

Capacity 200mm x 3.2mm Mild Steel.

Amada SPH-30C Hydraulic Power Press

For die-set, unit tool and forming work.
Capacity 30 Tonnes.

Roundo Pinch Rollers

For rolling or radiusing sheet
Capacity 1250mm x 3.5mm Mild Steel

Morgan Bending Rolls

Capacity 600mm x 1.0mm

Morgan Box Pan Folder

Manual folding with minimal depth restriction
Trumpf Mini Press

25 Tonne manual punching machine

Corner Radius Pneumatic Press

For radiusing and chamfering corners

Geka HYD-50 Universal Steel Worker

Manual cropping & punching of rolled angle and flat bar

Excel D320 Precision Lathe with digital readout

For Turning


Various Pedestal Drills and Articulated Arm Tapping

Facette Star EF De-burring Machine

For accurate de-burring of metal parts

Facette Star HKF Chamfering Machine

For accurate chamfering of metal parts

Measuring & Inspection Equipment

Faro Gauge Personal CMM Portable Arm with granite rolling cart

1.2m working volume
Up to 0.005mm (0.0002) accuracy
Generates GD&T & SPC reports
Mount & measure parts in process
Various digital micrometers & verniers ranging from 150mm - 1000mm working range capacity
Thread gauges
Plug gauges
Finishing gauges
Torque wrench

Finishing Plant

Kuhlmeyer ZBS2 Twin Belt Grinding Machine

For manual course grinding, fine satin finishing and polishing metal surfaces

Grinding Master

Flat bed abrasive belt finishing machine 900mm wide x any length.

Vibratory Finishing Machines

For the abrasive de-burring & cleaning of small to medium sized components.

Grinding Bay

Various back stand linishers and hand held grinding & sanding air tools used for surface preparation & finishing.

Painting & Plating Finishes

We use approved sub-contractors for Electro plating, anodising, alocroming, electro-polishing, powder coating and wet paint finishing

Welding Plant

We have a versatile, experienced and qualified team of welders through which we offer welding capacity in varying sheet and tubular materials from 1mm upwards in the following processes:


Industrial solid state mig for solid and flux cored mig/mag welding of stainless and mild steel up to 400 amps
  • Miller Migmatic 383 (4 sets) - compact stepped voltage & wire control
  • Miller XMT 304 - stepped voltage with variable wire
  • ESAB Aristomig 400 - synergic pulse mig inverter for mild and stainless steel

Inverter tig and pulse tig for stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel up to 255 amps
  • Miller Dynasty 200DX (4 sets) - A/C for aluminium and D/C for stainless and mild steel
  • Miller Max Star 200 - D/C for stainless and mild steel
  • ESAB Aristotig DTE 255 - A/C and D/C for aluminium, stainless and mild steel

  • PN18 Counterbalance Spot Welder
  • Skiaky Rapid Pneumatic 25kva Spot Welder
  • 2x Sureweld 50kva Spot Welder with 65mm & 120mm horizontal adapters
  • Nelson N10 with capacitive discharge up to maximum 10mm diameter.